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Stanford University Lecture on Portfolio Management 
This is a lecture at Stanford on Portfolio Management. This lecture focuses on the portfolio simulation.The lecture discussed some key principles in strategic portfolio management, prioritizing your portfolio, framing and better decision making. Quelle: Youtube
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Projects are unique, temporary structures that produce unique knowledge. For organisations to gain competitive advantage, this knowledge needs to be transferred effectively between projects. Knowledge transfer across projects is thus an important and decisive competitive factor. However, project teams typically focus on short-term project goals, and often fail to regard capturing and transferring project knowledge between projects as important for the long-term benefit of the organisation. This theoretical study argues that Project Management Offices (PMOs) play an important role by supporting and facilitating the flow of knowledge between projects. A conceptual framework depicting the role of PMOs in the transfer of knowledge between projects is presented here, while empirical results will be reported on in a sequel to this paper.
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PMO Metrics For A Project Management Information Dashboard
Here are 25 visible value PMO metrics for a project management dashboard that you can consider.
Measuring the strategic value of Project Management
This paper describes research that managers can use to measure their Return on Investment for Project Management (PM/RoI sm). A PM Benchmarking procedure is explained that can be used to assess the PM Process Maturity of companies. It has two key components: 1) the Berkeley Project Management Process Maturity Model sm and 2) our proprietary PM Maturity Assessment Tool.
How to get buy-in for your PMO
Getting buy-in and support for a PMO isn’t something that happens by default. It is something that has to be worked hard at, continuously. Get it right and you’ll have widespread acceptance of the tools you implement to support the business of good project management and senior management decision-making.
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PMO Implementation Plan
The presentation covers the basics you need to consider when preparing to implement a Project Management Office or PMO. The Author, Floyd Saunders has more than 20 years of experience managing and implementing project office functions in a variety of settings.