Project Portfolio Management

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Re-Thinking Portfolio Management and Capacity Planning - Agile 
Have you already been practicing Agile methods but wondering how you can take Agile and Lean methods to the Portfolio Level? Does your organization approve too many projects without understanding capacity? do you 'push' and multi-task several projects at the same time using the same team members? This webinar will serve as a foundation for exploring how Agile and Lean methods can apply at the portfolio level and why the concept of stable teams is critical to your success.
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Keys to Implementing Project Portfolio Management
This paper describes seven keys to success and presents a recommended step-by-step process for PPM implementation.
Best-Practice Project Portfolio Management
Although the specifics of project portfolio management (PPM) necessarily differ from organization to organization, the fundamentals of best practice are nearly universal. PPM is an ongoing activity, not just an annual event. It is driven by the fundamental objectives of the organization, and it demands and enables broad organizational involvement. The goal in all cases is to select and manage project portfolios so as to create the greatest possible value for the organization.
Simple Project Portfolio Management
Agreeing priorities for your projects when you have multiple different stakeholders can be difficult – comparing the relative priorities of new and in-flight projects can be even more challenging. Do nothing and you may miss opportunities to optimise benefits from your project portfolio. Become too interventionist and you risk continually stopping and starting projects which makes no one happy. If you introduce too complex a process then you may become over bureaucratic and create a project governance industry at your institution. It can be a minefield! Here are some suggestions that we’ve adopted at the University of Edinburgh to provide some simple Project Portfolio Management capabilities.
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Project Portfolio Management - Holistic Approach to manage Strategic Initiatives
Holistic Approach to manage Strategic Initiatives